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Fall 2009
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2009 Gala a Success!
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The Climb
Hitting for a Cure!
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Memorials and Honorariums

Memorials and Honorariums


In Honor of

Alex Roth
Laura Cramer

Arlene Holzman
Mara, Larry, Kayley and Zach Wolf

Catherine Bush
Mary Helen Halderman

Chelsea Manning
Laura Cramer

Cynthia and Mel Marmer
Gertrude Furer

Cynthia Marmer
Lois Rutman
Mel Marmer

Dorothy Cantor
Mona and Dick Kerstine

Gert Furer
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Jared Kamrass
Laura Cramer

Jillian Goldberg
Laura Cramer

Karen Kreyenhagen
Dorothy and Orin Kreyenhagen

Laura Dornoff
All Saints PTO, Terry Haney

Leah Morris
Laura Cramer

Marlene Gross
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Ruth Levinson
Paul and Shirley Nathan

Nan and Keith Jensen
Julie and Rick Kantor

Tidg Faust
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Timothy Lynch
Laura Cramer

Zach Wolf
Ken and Carol Kabel
Leonard and Marion Rosenbaum

In Memory of

Alberta Cox

Tim McDermott
Ruby M. Gilpin
Bea Seebohm, DAR

Alberton Cox
Elinor Edmundson

Althea Madeline Kohl Tani
Jean A. Gordon

Arlene Seltzer
Helene and Millard Mack
Cynthia and Mel Marmer
Mary L. Blum
Joyce Stottman
Ellen A. Litton
Manny and Shirley Marks
Vivian Swoboda
Kathy and Michael Carl
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Margolis
Shirley and Jim Neiger
Albert and Edith Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Itkoff
John McCready
Maureen and Ron Kroeger
Rudy and Ruth Cammerer
John and Ellen Apke
The Cassity Family
Bryan and Mayme Amerine

Ben Strauss
Herbert B. and Abby Weiss

Bert Wall
Ed and Marty Pohlgeers

Betty Jean Wilkie
JoAnn Humphrey
Cindy Cromer
Hulon, Josephine and Jeffrey Meeks
Paul and Junelle Roberts
Gene and Connie Steckinger
Jacqueline Luttrell
Don and Angelia Douglas

Betty Sicker
Mike and Maureen Stoy
Bill and Joan Zinnecker
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Rixner
Lois A Brandstetter
Bob and Joan Ernst
Evelyn Stark
Jim Reno
Eugene and Kathryn Sicker
Anne Perry
Marjorie Long
Kevin and Penny O’Brien
Ray and Sue Broerman and Family
G. Richard Hagee
Dave and Lisa Sicker

Betty Sue Earls
Kroger Company Cincinnati/Dayton Division

Bill Reinhart
Joan Reinhart

Carl Barker
Jean Wegner

Carol Kramer
Linda and Dale Tekulve and Jen Gerhart

Carl Shepard
Gerry and Susan Pater

Charles A. Reiger
Kroger Company Cincinnati/Dayton Division
Jo Ann Strong
Pat and Carl Send
La Verne Buchtmann
William and Marilyn Bradley
Ruth and Dick Barnell
Evan and Melinda Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bader
Tom and Kathy Spinnenweber
Lonney and Susan Chapman and Family
Nancy and Carl Brinkman
Harry and Rosalie Schraivogel
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Haskamp
Carolyn Burke
Col. Chuck and Mary Miller
Mr. and Mrs Walt Wyatt
Priscilla and Wayne Heber
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burke
Noel and Barbara Ebert

Charlotte Fox
Laura and Dave Cramer

Cheryl Lynn Randall
Mark and Helen Bailey and Family
Fred Hoffman
Todd and Patricia Ertel
Joe and Leslie Garera
Northern Kentucky Pediatric Group
David Buecker and Marlan, Donna, Christa, Chad, Debbie, Bev, Annie, David, and Ashley
Larry and Jill Twehues
Blau and Kriege, PLLC
Tony A. Martin and Family
Dr. David Klein

Dean and Dwight Schwartz
Nancy Schwartz

Dorothy Conrad-Grow
Margie Crowley and Jack Monahan

Edna Nedberry
Julie Roser

Edward Boschert
Joan Reinhart

Edward Walker
Dan and Patty Shick

Frank Gansz
Cincinnati Bengals, Inc.

Garland Fletcher, Sr.
Cliff and Millie Fluegemann

Garnett A Murley
Joe and Jean Schutzman
Mildred M. Faust
Ron and Darlene Groh
Carl and Mary Jo Burkhardt

Georgia Abbott
Robert and Vicki Buddenberg

Georgiann McHale
The Kentucky Rovers, Mrs. M. Appel
Bill and Sandy Kerwin
Ron and Alice Lubbe
Joan and Charles Breetz
Jim and Sharon Claypool

Gertrude Ross
Joyce Dickinson
Tom and Joe Rielage
Bill and Fran Yochman
Jerry and Rene Herbers
Ruth Westerkamp
Marge Westerkamp
Bob and Joyce Westerkamp
Christina and John Yochman
Joyce and Tom Westerkamp

Greg Crusham
Thomas W. Crushan

H. Willis Ratledge M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Popken, Jr

Harry Cohen
Herbert B. and Abby Weiss

Howard Avel
Linda and Dale Tekulve and Jen Gerhart

Isabella Leitner
David Klein

Jack Schneider
Edward Paulus

James Burden
David and Jane Webster
Mary E. Twehues
Larry and Jill Twehues
Tim and Jessica Hartig
Applied Machine and Motion Control
Bonnie Burden and Family
Compass Engineering Group. Michael Kramer
Larry Keith and Wanda Houser
Stephen and Heather Mann
Barry and Martha Gay Napier

James Ronald Burden
Jim D. Black

Jeanette Campbell
Bob and Mary Helen
Mark and Denise
John and Karen
Mrs. R.W. Halderman

Jeri Osborn
Terry and Cyndi Roeder

Jim Ziegler
Herbert B. and Abby Weiss

JoAnn Beckman
Linda and Dale Tekulve

John Hearing
Terry Cordell

Judy Mills
Fred and Mary Sue Bahr
Tina and John Strubbe

Julie Hafer
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Lee Seltzer
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Leonora Rocca
Cynthia and Mel Marmer
Libby T. Howard
Mary Ellen Aylmore
Derek and Susan Van Amerongen
Anne Cherry
Sandra and David Bartlett
Joe and Sue Hughes
John and Joan Cappel
Douglas and Ann Miller
Rain and Corey Buck
Greg and Pam Tully
Paula and Tim Marcagi
Joanne P. Porter
Deborah and Roger Hildebrand
Phyllis and Jim Huber
Earl and Lillian Bowman
Laura Cramer
June T. Kirsch
James and Dolores Vance
Judy and Mark Reitenbach
Jane K. Allan

Louis Moore
Erma Schadler

Luella Berling-Schummer
Young Grandmother’s Club (Joyce Klaserner-Treasurer)
Wayne Carlisle
Ray and Carole Erpenbeck
Raymond and Nancy Beil
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Crist
Ray Goetz
Len Riegler Blacktop, Inc
Irmaleen Drees
Nick and Jean Ann Zimmerman
Paul and Kate Michels and Sons
M and W Excavation Co. Inc.
Art Del Conte
Mrs. Gerry Kreutzjans
Gregg, David, Judy and Al Feltrup and Co.
Mrs. Margaret Rauch
Charles and Mary Berling
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Krebs
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hellmann
Bill and Betsy Scheben
Brenda Seltman and Ted Richardson
The Knock Family Foundation
Matt H. Toebben
Ben and Agnes Wessels
Damon and Molly Klesa
Carol, Ehmet, Joe Hayes
Nancy Urlage

Marie Paola
Jack and Connie Hugenberg

Marsha Sweeney
Gerry and Susan Pater

Marty Horwitz
Herbert B. and Abby Weiss

Mary Ellen Humbert
Gerry and Susan Pater
Mary Ellen Moak
George and Carolyn McMahon
Laurence Weber
North Bend Stingers -
Chris and Katie Hannum
Beverly A. Wolf
William McGowan
Barb and Butch Kattman
Barb and Mike Blum
Patricia Thomas

Mildred E. Currus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Probus

Muriel Reed
Mary Jo and Donna La Face
Steve and Sharon Bastin
Debra Kees
Lois and George Gore
Tom and Judy Ahrens
Dr. and Mrs. Claude Corbitt
Marian and Harry Walkenhorst

Nancy Loshin
Andi, Alex and Aaron Levenson

Norma Houston
Mac, Mary Lou and Gary Heidrich
Jeanette Herzog
Sally and Carl Meck
Lisa Kuhlman
Ruth B’Hymer
Bill and Alma Bonham

Pat Campbell
Maureen and Todd Koenig

Paul Miller
Dolores Blossom
Bud and Margie Sears
Joann Stankovich

Phil Woodworth
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Rebecca Grimes
Gerry and Susan Pater

Richard Baer
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Richard E. Probus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Probus

Robert C. Claypool, Jr.
The Gallery Association. Merlin R. Siefken, Treasurer

Robert C. Claypool, Jr.
Jerry and Ann Hearring
The Woodson Family
Bob Wallace
Rick and Jenny Carson
Pam Wolpert
Jane and Paul Rogers
Lillian Poggenpohl
Michael J. Williams
The Russell Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rogers

Robert Chaiken
Herbert B. and Abby Weiss
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Rubin Slovin
Herbert B. and Abby Weiss
Laura and Dave Cramer
Norm and Wendy Wasserman

Russell L. Worthman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Probus

Terry Bradshaw
Paul and Sue Schotte

Tom Osterman
Don and Gayle Louderback
Jerry Hansert
Mike and Kay Stefanics
Rose and Norm Klotz

William Snyder
Cynthia and Mel Marmer

Memorial for Henry Cigolle Jr./Honorarium for Alexandra Knestrict
Lisa and Charles Wallace
Joseph R. Costarella
Florence Bobby
Barbara and Victor Roth
Jim and Cindy Sweeney
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dailey
Anthony Zirafi
Shirley S. Knestrict
Pat and Phoebe Charles
Elaine and Charles Richards
Steve and Arelda Bury
Stephana Liptak
Bill and Juanita Barber
John and Carole Begala
Elizabeth and Charles Pratt
Sam and Dahlia Pagano
Jim and Susan Thomas

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